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 $99.00 per head
Includes Free Headcover
4,5,6,7,910,11,12, and 14 deg lofts


Shipping Less than $10-$4.95, under $20 $8.95, $20 and over $9.95.

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This is one of our favorites. Lost in the hubub about the 455 and Nemesis, the Shinnecock has put together some serious accomplishments on it's own. (See Sidebar at left). The Shinnecock features the longest club from heel to toe. This club is so easy to line up, you will wonder why you have been wasting your time with you present driver. Elegant tear drop shaped soleplate leans the weight more toward the toe for the ultimate in solid contact. This club looks fantastic, with a metallic black crown and a unique blue "eye" right in the center, that is carried through to the sole. Absoultely looks as great as it plays. Try it with one of the AccuFLEX Longdrive shafts, the new Assassin II World Champion, or the ProLD World Champion, You will be very glad that you did.

Here's a note from a happy customer...

"I bought the shinnecock driver with the accuflex extreme ld xx and cut it down to 48 inches. and i want to tell you it is the talk around the golf course i play at. i have added min. 20 yds to my drives and sometimes 40 yds. i tell everyone i take it home and sleep with it at night. i just love the way this club feels in your hands. thanks for being there for me. marty ps. if my brother cant get his for the whole summer he will probably shoot me!!!!!!"

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2002 RE/MAX World Long Drive Finals...

Two longest drives of the ENTIRE week, all competitors...

409 yards & 398 yards

3rd Place 2002 Metter, GA. Invitational.

WINNER - 2002 Nor Cal Challenge.

2002 LDA Tour - Atlanta 2nd & 4th Place.

WINNER - 4/26/02 Pinnacle Long Drive Challenge $10,000.00.

2002 LDA Tour - North Carolina 2nd Place

2002 LDA Tour - North Carolina 2nd Place , Women's Division.

2002 LDA Tour - New York 3rd Place

WINNER - 7/6/02 Pinnacle Long Drive Challenge $10,000.00.

2002 Summer Nationals... Shinnecock Sweep !

WINNER - Open Division

WINNER - Women's Division

WINNER - Junior Division

2002 Mississippi Regionals... Shinnecock Sweep !

WINNER - 2nd, 3rd, 4th - Open Division

WINNER & 2nd Place - Senior Division

WINNER - LDA Tour Detroit 8/11/02

WINNER - LDA Tour Branson, MO. 8/17/02

2002 World Long Drive Finals... 4th & 7th place

2002 Tour Championship 2nd Plac



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