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Long Driver Fitting Form

Hand Made Forged Titanium

Custom built to your specifications!

R.L. Zeider has patented a new forging process that enables customizing their titanium drivers to each individual's specs.

This club head provides superior strength and consistency to cope with the immense striking power generated by these long drive players. The head can also be custom made to fit any golfer in the world. The loft, lie angle, face angle and the club head weight can all be made to fit an individual player. This patented process doesn't use grinding or bending to obtain the desired configuration of the head.



Forging orients the grain flow to follow the contour of the part. This orientation provides the highest strength in the direction of the greatest stress. The higher strength-to-weight ratio permits the use of smaller, more lightweight components without the reduction of strength or toughness. Forgings can be made from a wide range of materials. Materials that are difficult to machine have been successfully forged into the desired shape. Gas pockets or voids usually found in other metal fabricating methods are eliminated, and the material's structural integrity and mechanical properties are improved. Parts can be economically produced in sizes ranging from 1 to 300" in length. Forgings are also readily adaptable to secondary operations such as heat treating, machining, welding, and surface conditioning.


What we have acomplished with our club, is to produce an entirely forged head. We are able to obtain a much stronger face while decreasing the weight in the faceplate as compared to an investment cast titanium faceplate. We have had several long hitters on the long drive tour and other amatuer big hitters using our club heads and they have never collapsed one of our faceplates. A few of these guys have swings approximating 150 mph A second advantage with our faceplate is the size. It is very large as compared to other traditional sized club head faceplates. It is also very deep (almost 2 inches from sole to crown). Our faceplate is not as long from heel to toe as other jumbo size titanium heads. We did this intentionally, for this reason. The longer the faceplate is, the heavier the face will be. Just as the forging process allows us to make a lighter faceplate than an investment casting process for a faceplate of the same size, we can further reduce weight by making the faceplate less long. The faceplate is still very large and is very forgiving. Why are we going to all this fuss about weight in the face of the club? PLAYABILITY. What has been lost in the advertising with all of these jumbo size clubs is playability. Playability is not made by making a huge face, as many advertisments seem to explain (i.e. large "sweetspot"). It is accomplished by several factors. One of which is the weight distribution in the head. This is called the center of gravity (CG) of the head. By having less weight in the face area, we are able to make the walls of the clubhead heavier. This will move the CG away from the face of the club. This gives our club superior playability to any cast club (steel or titanium). Included in the area of playability is also the fact that on off center hits, the ball comes back to center much more readily than a club with a CG closer to the face. We also will have better playability over clubheads which have a forged only face. These clubheads will have the same strength that our club has, but because the faceplate isinserted into the head, allowances have to be made to secure the faceplate. These allowances will increase the weight in the face area and decrease the playability of the club.


We have been talking about the CG and how far it is from the face. The CG is also related to where it is in relation to the crown and the sole. Every golfer wants to see his drives get up in the air. A nice long tee shot is what a lot of us live for when we play golf. The last several years have seen a change in the design, shapes, and sizes of golf clubs. What has also happened is that golf club manufacturers have designed their drivers and fairway woods to get the ball up in the air much more easily. The center of gravity in these clubs has been moved closer to the sole. This is good, to a point. In the many drivers that we have tested we have seen too many balls go excessively high. They are hit so high that they in fact lose distance because their trajectory is too high. This is bad. What we have done with our club is designed it so that the skirt area reaches farther up at the crown of the head. This will move the CG up just enough to provide a more optimum trajectory.


We have spent many years developing our process and then testing and refining it. During our testing periods we have had numberous golfers marvel at the distances that the ball travels, the ease at which they can draw or fade the ball, and the sound and feel of the club. We believe that by forging a superior golf club can be made. This and the resultant harder face, the center of gravity which allows a better trajectory, superior playabliity and more forgiveness on off center hits we feel this club is superior than any on the market today.


We have developed a hand-made forged titanium driver that can be configured to fit any golfer on earth. Made from premium 90% titanium rolled sheet stock and made in the United States, we are taking premium metalwoods to the next level in performance and customer value. We are the only manufacturer to offer a custom configure head. In addition to our standard line of titanium woods, we can custom make any loft, lie ange, face angle or swingweight that you desire. Many custom clubmaker offer a wide variety of shafts and grips and even clubhead models, but they cannot match the versatility that we have in making custom clubheads. We have made heads for long drive competitors wiht 0 degree lofts and heads for trick shot artists with face angles that are closed 6 degrees or open by te same amount. All of this is done ausing a patented forging method that took us 10 years to perfect and cost approximately one million dollars. In the past, all of the tooling that has been made to make golf club heads are made to make a clubhead that is 1 configuration (ie. a 10 degree loft with a square face angle will be made with 1 tool and a 10 degree loft with a 1 degree closed face will be made with a 2nd tool). Since most golfers have a tendancy to slice the ball, most tooling is made for clubs with closed faces to help the average golfer get red of his slice. Because the cost of tooling is relatively high, with respect to the number of golfers that need either square faced or open faced clubs, or clubs of different lie angles, golf club manufacturers have been unwilling to make these clubs. By using our patented forging process that allows us to incorporate in 1 tool, any configuration of clubheead that a golfer would want. We can change the loft angle, the lie angle, the face angle or even the club head weight during our manufacturing process. This is unique in today's golf industry. Not since the days of persimmon woods have golfers been able to get these choices!

Why would we do this?

The simple answer is because nobody else does. There has been a dramatic increase in the number of golfers in the world today. Most of these golfers have high handicaps. As a result of this fact, the major golf club manufacturers have adapted their clubs so that it is easier for the majority of golfers, (ie. the high handicappers) to hit the ball straighter and in the air more easily. This is very good, if you're a high handicap golfer. What is missing in today's golf industry are golf clubs that the lower handicap players can improve their game with. This is the target market that RLZ is cultivating.

Why are our clubs better?

There are two reasons why our clubs are superior. First, they are forged instead of cast. This will be important to all golfers whether they are low handicappers or not. We start our forging process by using wrought material. This means that there is a multidirectional grain structure to our material. This gives the club more strength than an investment cast golf club. Investment cast golf clubs have no such grain structure and are inherently weaker that our gorgings. By haveing a stronger club face the ball will come off the club face "hotter' and have longer distances. Because of this stronger face, we are also able to put less weight in the face area, and distribute more weight around the entire club. We accomplish this by having thicker walls around the clubhead. The club is not only stronger, but you can hear and feel the solidness of the club. Our clubs don't have "tinny" sound of most cast metalwoods. And many players are raving about the superior "feel" that they get with our club.

Recently there has been much ado about clubs with bigger sweet spots. Different golf club companies are increasing the physical size of their face areas and claiming that the "sweetspot" has been increased in size. This concept is pure market hype! A "sweetspot" is a geometric point, it has no size. What these companies are trying to say is that their clubs are more forgiving on offcenter hits. In actuality, these clubs may not be going as far off course as some of their predecessors, but they don't "come back" to center as a golf club should on a mis-hit. The reason is because their center of gravity is too close to the face. In order for their clubs to hold up to stronger hitters they need to reinforce their faces. By reinforcing the face they add more weight to the face area and therefore move the center of gravity forward. The bulge and roll on the club head face does not impart enough spin to bring the ball back to center as it should. This is called the gear effect. In order for the gear effect to work, the center of gravity needs to be sufficiently far enough away from the club head face. The second reason that our clubs are superior is that our forged clubs have a center of gravity that is far enough away from the face to allow the gear effect to work properly. Therefor our clubs are more forgiving. This is very important to all golfers, even the pros. We all occasionally have mis-hits. Another advantage to the center of gravity being farther away from the face is that better golfers that try to work the ball (purposely trying to draw or fade the ball) have a much easier time with our clubs. One of the most satisfying times that we have had with our forged clubs development is when we've watched a golfer try to fade and then draw successive balls, and then have them turn around with an amazed look in their eyes and tell us "wow, I've never been able to do that with a metalwood!"

Why should you buy a forged Zeider metalwood?

There are other golf companies selling forged metalwoods, but they cannot offer the unique fitting that we can and they are not as advanced in their process to allow for the superior playability that we offer. Some of them have forged faces only. This does not give you the playability that our clubs have because their center of gravity is as far forward as a casting's center of gravity. This is because they need to locate the faceplate to the rest of the clubhead and in order to do this they need to make some sort of nest inside of the clubhead. This is just increased weight in the face area. They also have a very limited selection of lofts, face angles, head weights not to mention lie angles. Also the feel and the sound are still more closely associated with cast gof clubs.

Our clubs are not for everyone. We can provide the serious golfer with an instrument that will allow them to improve their golf game. They will be able to hit the ball longer, straighter, be more consistent and be able to work the ball more easily with our forged clubs than anybody elses' clubs. These clubs are hand crafted and are superior in playability and performance to anything else that you can buy. Anybody can go out and spend $300 to $500 on a trendy golfclub, only with us will you get a golf club that can be truly matched to you and your golf game.


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