The Precision Putting Aid that's Fun!

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The Putting Peg™ and The Putting Pod™ are revolutionary putting training aids that if used consistently, are GUARANTEED to help your substantially improve your putting. That's why professionals on the PGA TOUR, The Senior PGA TOUR, The TOUR and The LPGA are using them week in and week out. In fact, these training aids were invented with the input and assistance of former Masters and U.S. Open Champion Fuzzy Zoeller.

How does it work?

Professionals have proven that practicing your putting to a tee greatly improves your putting skills. We have created a putting aid that gives you the benefit of a smaller target, but provides you with the sweet sound of success: a holed putt! Consistent practice with The Putting Peg™ or The Putting Pod™ will make the hole look HUGE, resulting in more holed putts and lower scores.

Item PPOD: Putting Pod. For indoor putting practice.
$9.95 plus $4.95 shipping to lower 48.


GolfWeb Article
There is no sweeter sound in golf than a ball falling into a hole. Fuzzy Zoeller long has believed there is no sound more important, either.

A fine putter throughout his career, Zoeller for years has practiced putting to a tee to build his confidence and improve his accuracy. Working with such a small target produced huge psychological benefits for the former Masters and U.S. Open champion, but there was always a drawback: no sound effects.

So Zoeller and a business associate, Dave Lobeck, invented the Putting Peg, which, when struck by a ball emits the sound of a holed putt. Three inches high and shaped like a tee, the Putting Peg became available on the market July 20.

The device, which took three years to develop, represents a rarity in golf -- a training device invented and endorsed by a player.

"I've enjoyed the process in creating something that's fun and is useful," said Zoeller, 50, of New Albany, Ind. "When you get into the rhythm of hitting a smaller target, it has got to help you on the golf course."

"We've invested a lot of time in this device, but it was worth it," added Lobeck, president of Fuzzy Zoeller Productions. "It's unlike anything else out on the market, and it works. Fuzzy proved that on Sunday at Firestone (Country Club, where he won the Senior PGA Championship)."

Zoeller won his first SENIOR PGA TOUR title in June at Firestone's South Course thanks largely to clutch putting down the stretch. He one-putted 10 greens and used just 25 putts total in the final round to post a two-shot victory over Hale Irwin and Bobby Wadkins.

Zoeller says the Putting Peg has contributed to his confidence on the greens. Comments from colleagues have provided confidence in knowing he's created a winning practice tool.

"I've had it out on the putting greens and guys have been intrigued by it," Zoeller said. "They all say the same thing. You want to have that feedback of the ball rattling in the hole. It's a teaching aid and a practice aid, and it has definitely helped me. The hole looks like an ocean after looking at the Peg for a while."

Interestingly, though it took three years for Zoeller to bring his idea to market, one year alone was dedicated to sound effects.

"Getting the sound down was very important," he explained. "You don't want to make it an annoying sound. You don't want it too loud. You just want that nice reassuring rattle."

In addition to the Putting Peg, there also is an indoor version available, the Putting Pod, which can be anchored in place on a carpeted floor with Velcro.

Item PPOD: Putting Pod. For indoor putting practice.
$9.95 plus $4.95 shipping to lower 48.