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MFS Matrix

The Matrix is the finished product of the Prototype used by most of our PGA Tour professionals. We spared no expense in research and composition and combined them with Tour feedback. The resulting combination of material and design increases launch angle, improves feel, lowers spin rates, and increases energy transfer. In addition to 9 sub-flexes, the Matrix comes in Low, Mid, and High ball flight trajectories – creating the ideal matrix for customization and performance.

Flex Length Weight Tip
A 46" 65g .335
R 46" 66g .335
S 46" 68 .335
X 46" 70 .335

Already making tremendous inroads with their high-performance golf shafts on all professional golf tours, the new MFS Matrix takes the best qualities of an established line and combines it with radical improvements in composite materials.

MCC/Apache built upon long-heralded proprietary features like "TTR" [Tip Torsional Resistance] to retain stability at the moment of impact. Constant innovation from MCC has yielded a new composite material unlike any other for the Matrix. The shaft is a result of painstaking and extensive R&D work in both the MCC lab and the Doctorate of Composite Engineering labs of UCLA.

Aside from the technology marvel of the Matrix, KJ Choi, Notah Begay, David Frost, Esteban Toldeo, Grant Waite and Dean Wilson are using the shaft on TOUR now, per the Darrell survey. The Matrix was created in the lab then proven in the field.

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Email us for help choosing the perfect MFS Matrix subflex and trajectory for a truly Tour proven, made to order shaft.

$145 plus $9.95 shipping to continentaly U.S.


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