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MS-5 Titanium Drivers

Ashton Golf's Newest Release: MS-5 Titanium Driver

The MS-5 is the most technologically advanced component driver available on the market today. MS-5 stands for Multi-Sole 5. We've effectively designed 5 heads into one model by weighting the sole plate, crown, and skirt in 5 different areas. We toyed with the idea of introducing a driver with removable weights but decided against if for two main reasons. First, our testing indicated that not enough weight in the appropriate areas could be shifted to effectively change ball flight and direction by moving weighted screws around. And secondly, we like to base our ideas on original designs, not by merely following the pack.
We tested the theories behind the MS-5 in two ways, mechanically and in a human test group. We first calculated how the head should be weighted to achieve expected results. When we felt that we had arrived at the optimum positions, we gave the design to the foundry to produce prototypes. We took the prototypes and used a cross section of 5 golfers from scratch to 15 handicap. Through this testing we determined exactly how the MS-5 would benefit golfers. This is how we designed the most technologically advanced driver in the component market today.
The MS-5 features a double satin finish face. What is double satin? When a titanium head is produced it has a natural satin finish. Traditionally it is then lightly sanded to obtain the uniform satin finish. We strived for a satin finish not found on traditional component heads. To get to this finish, the face of the MS-5 is lightly sanded from raw form and then polished to a mirror finish. The third step is to very lightly sand the face to a very shallow and fine satin finish. The result is simply beautiful, adding to the overall stunning appearance of the MS-5 head.
The MS-5 also features score lines. MS-5 prototype heads were tested with and without score lines. Testing concluded that the head with score lines performed better with regards to accuracy and dispersion, and it performed equally as well with regards to distance. In wet weather, there was simply no comparison; score lines were far superior. When swing speeds exceeded 135 mph, score lines were detrimental. Also, since the MS-5 does not have any crown markings, the score lines act as an excellent alignment aid A long drive (LD) version of the MS-5 will be introduced in April 2005. The score lines on the LD model will be the same pattern as the face of the X-1.
- Face Height/Length: 51mm/106mm
- Hosel Inside Diameter: 8.6mm
- Hosel Outside Diameter: 12.8mm
- Bore Depth: 38mm
- Color: High Gloss Black
- Face material: Moly Ti, double satin finish
- Bulge and Roll: 11.0 x 11.0
- All heads USGA approved
- Component price $109.95 USD with newly designed headcover. Shipping is $9.95 to continental U.S. $25 to Canada and Europe. $35 to Asia/Australia. Also available assembled with your choice of shafts. Email us with information on your swing/game and we'll help you choose the right shaft.

MS-5 Standard. (STD)
The MS-5 Standard is designed with the better player in mind with a neutral bias.


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Draw Bias (DR)
Weight has been shifted to favor a draw bias. To do this, we moved interior weight towards the heel, encouraging the head to square up more easily upon impact.


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High Launch (HL)
To achieve a higher launch angle, we had to reduce the weight of the crown area and increase the weight of the sole area. We did this by manufacturing the crown from super strong 100% beta titanium. We could then decrease the crown's thickness and weight while still maintaining it's structural integrity. The low COG of the HL head produces higher shots resulting in longer distance and control. Forget those dull feeling graphite crown drivers.

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Super light 192g head weight (SL)
To decrease the total weight of the super light head, we had to forge the crown, sole and skirt of 100% beta titanium. This would decrease the total head weight while still maintaining structural integrity. Designed for anyone from the senior golfer to the top long drive competitor. The super light head lends itself easily to increased swing speed and club head speed for those looking to increase distance. We've also extensively cannon tested this head for durability and structural integrity at any swing speed.


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Heavy weight 207g head weight (HW)
Designed with the better golfer in mind. Until now there were only a few ways to add weight to a titanium driver.
* Add lead to the exterior, negatively effecting sound, feel and esthetics.
* Add weight through a weight port in the hosel, negatively effecting the COG of the head and increasing hook tendencies
* Add powder lead or tip weights in the shaft with the same results as the weight port.
Now it's possible to build a shorter length driver with a favorable swing weight right out of the gate.

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Clubmaker Online can build you a fine custom Ashton Driver or Fairway wood using your choice of virtually any golf shaft made today. Send us an email and we'd be happy to help you choose the right combination for your game. Prices start at $219 for the MS-5 Driver, $269 for the X1 Driver, and $139 for the X1 and X1D Fairway woods .

Ashton X-1 Driver
Ashton X-1 Fairway Wood
Ashton X-Brid Hybrid