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Vacuum Forged
Used by the 2002 ReMax Senior Division
Champion with an Accuflex Pro LD Shaft!


SP700 face - Beta Titanium Skirt - 15-3-3-3
Soleplate & crown, made in Japan, by people
who pride themselves as " The World's
Craftsman". Each head comes with a
redesigned 16" long full length zippered
headcover, for the ultimate in shaft protection.100% LIFETIME WARRANTY
PLEASE NOTE: New color is Translucent blue crown with sold blue trim. Matches the Accuflex ProLD World Champion 46" 3.5 torque players shaft.

4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14 deg, RH .
4,5,6,7,9 and10 deg. LH

2 1/4" face height, .335 bore, 2" hosel depth, 56 deg lie.

$119 each
includes headcover


Shipping Less than $10-$4.95, under $20 $8.95, $20 and over $9.95.

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Would you like one assembled for you? Send us an email. We can build yours with virtually any shaft on the planet!
Metro Detroit Golfers...demo's available at our new outdoor
testing facility. Click here for details!

Additional Headcovers sold separately: $18.95 each

We have been working on this head for the
past 4 months, it took 9 re-designs to get the
head to pass the stringent testing we put each and every head through, to get it to this stage.
The first component head ever to have pieces
of the head made in Japan, finished in Taiwan.
We have combined 3 different strains of
Titanium in one head to produce the highest
quality head ever produced that is available to the consumer in component form. We had a unique opportunity to jump into the vaccum forging field with this head, and based on our testing, will most likely re-tool our existing heads to follow suit.
"Vacuum Forged", is basically a method that
uses warm materials ( titanium ), and actually
"sucks" them to shape while at the same time, removing any and all air that is trapped inside the titanium. The result is a product that has an orange peel look, that has to be hand filled with more titanium, to bring the club to it's final finished luster.The process takes 3 times longer than traditional forging, but the solid feel it produces is umatched through traditional methods of manufacture.

Three interior sound baffles & our patent
applied for face technology makes this club
unique among all the competition It will not
sound nearly as loud as you would expect.
Beautiful high polished face & sole and the noticeable lack of score lines, makes this a bold club that will get their attention!

Used by the 2002 ReMax Senior Division Champion with an Accuflex ProLd Shaft

Assembled with Accuflex ProLD: $325

Our Favorite Assembled Combinations:

1. Try the Nemesis with the new Accuflex ProLD World Champion!. Assembled for $250. This exciting new translucent blue shaft is designed to give long drive performance to the average golfer and matches the new color of the Nemesis for a beautiful OEM quality driver. Available in R, S, X flex. 56 grams 3.5 Torque, 46".

2. One of our favorite shaft/clubhead combinations is the Nemesis with the new AJ Tech ZMetal65 Shafts ($250). The metallic silver head and metallic paint treatment (clear coat shows the metal fibers) look beautiful together. Great feel, dispersion, and distance with the hot new shaft from AJ Tech. Email us for loft and shaft flex recommendations.

3. The Nemesis and the hot new Apache MFS65n or MFS65P (KJ Choi's shaft) make a fantastic combination. Choose from orange or midnight blue. We get consistently positive feedback from users of this shaft, match it up with the Nemesis and stand back! $250. Email us for loft and shaft flex recommendations